Starting from seeing an opportunity, Mr. Lili Mulyadi Sutanto started the business to produce gift wrapping paper. The paper was a recycled from used textile printing paper. He had such a great willingness and persevering work and at the end it created good results. After changing in technology of textile machinery that stopped using printing paper, Mr. Lili started a brand new chapter in his business. Mr. Lili still did the paper business; he opened a mimeographed paper cutter business in which the papers were distributed to schools, government institutions, and stationery shops. By using his knowledge about papers and his experience in the business along with his ability to find good chances to undergo business, Mr. Lili dared himself to start a converting paper business. He also acknowledged that Bandung, as a textile city, needed bobbin from paper to roll yarns. As a result, he decided to try a new business field.

Mr. Lili together with Mr. Herwanto Sutanto and other business partners built PT Alkindo Naratama in 1989. The Company was built in order to produce bobbin to fulfil the needs from yarn companies. The requests of bobbins at that time were very high considering the textile and yarn entrepreneurs lived in Bandung in which the Company was built. The produced bobbin was a papertube to roll yarn in Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) and Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) types. The bobbin was made from a core board paper which was a recycled paper. Along with the textile and yarn machines technology's development, the requests of papertubes for various specifications were also developed such as the thickness, colours, even the tenacity of turning acceleration.

In addition, based on the experiences and the abilities of finding the chances for business as well as the synergy of Mr. Herwanto expertise in marketing and Mr. Lili expertise in operational and production, Alkindo decided to add new product lines in the business. In 2007, the Company started to produce honeycomb, papercore, and edge protector. Alkindo also produced variant products made from combining honeycomb and edge protector.

In the beginning, the Company only had one factory in Cimareme with the 1, 96 ha width of land and 1, 67 ha width of the building. The factory was used to produce papertube. Then, because the Company did not have enough land to undergo the business especially for developing the honeycomb, papercore and edge protector, in 2010 the Company built another factory near the first factory. The new factory has 4, 31 ha width of land and 1, 63 ha width of the building. The factory was built especially to produce honeycomb, papercore, and edge protector along with all the other variants.

On July 12, 2011, the Company started a new beginning in its history. On that day, the Company officially traded its stocks in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. As a result, now the Company is a public company whose part of the stocks belongs to the public.

It's been more than 20 years since the Company was built and enlivenes both the local business and export, the Company has given work opportunities to hundreds of employees. The Company also has given income for the country.

vision & mission

Vision :
Becoming the best in giving the quality and service in the related industry.

Mission :
To create partnerships by providing the best quality to the customers in order to create a sustainable partnership.