"Growing and Sharing"
Being an institution among the society, the Company considers the society as an important element of the stakeholders. The Company commits to share certain contribution to the society, because of the society the Company may develop.

Concerning about the social responsibility, the Company has planned several programs to be implemented periodically and also keeps observing other possibilities that can be contributed to society.

  1. Blood Donor
    The Company invites all employees in the Company to donate their blood voluntarily. The Company cooperates with the Palang Merah Indonesia (Indonesian Red Cross), provides the place and foods for the participants. This has become the Company’s routine agenda.

  2. Planting
    Planting has become one of the enthusiastic activities in the Company. Concerning about the Company’s area in which there are many factories, The Company invites their employees to plant trees around the factories. The Company believes that this activity will give a positive thing to the employees and the society surrounding the area. The Company always undergoes this activity if there is an area that needs plants.

  3. Internship Program
    The Company together with the education institution gives an opportunity to the students who want to work as interns in the Company. The Company asks their employees to help the students to understand the work process in the field so as to provide them a work experience.

  4. Care of Education
    In order to take role on developing education in Indonesia, The Company also conducts the Education Alertness program by giving funds to several schools. It is to help the schools, especially in educating the young learners.