HEXCELL® Honeycomb is designed to be extremely strong due to its hexagonal-shaped structure that allows the honeycomb to have an increased surface area. As a result, the honeycomb can withstand heavy loads while simultaneously being light and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the honeycomb is very versatile and can be applied in many different products such as paper pallets, boxes, furniture and many more.

The HEXCELL® Honeycomb is also considered as a 'green' technology due to the fact that it can replace the use of industrial wood in many applications. Thus, this is favorable to countries that adopts a green concept or require their products to be environmentally friendly.

HEXCELL® Honeycomb's advantages:

  • No Fumigation or drying required
  • High strength to weight and area ratio (2000 kg/m2)
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Smooth and flat surface to reduce the risk of damage
  • In compliance with ISPM 15 regulation


  • HEXCELL® Honeycomb Pallets & Boxes

    By incorporating Hexcell® Honeycomb in manufacturing boxes and pallets, Alkindo is able to produce paper pallets and boxes that are:

    • Lighter in weight than wood or steel
    • More stable due to its flat surface
    • Recyclable
    • Very flexible and can adapt to special transport requirements
    • Meets IPPC requirements
    • Meets International regulation on trade (ISPM)
    • Fumigation-free
    • Custom made

  • HEXCELL® Honeycomb Layer & Pad

    The need for protective packaging material especially for the export-import market has inspired Alkindo to create HEXCELL® Honeycomb Layer. With this product, defects or damages caused by shipping and handling can be minimized and it is currently being used by the textile and plastic film industry to protect their goods.

    Some of the benefits of using HEXCELL® Honeycomb Layer include:

    • Flat and stable surface for proper protection
    • Light and efficient to minimize shipping cost

  • HEXCELL® Honeycomb Core for Furniture

    The HEXCELL® Honeycomb Core is extremely versatile, lightweight, economical and has a high strength to weight ratio that enables it to be an excellent choice for furniture application. By incorporating HEXCELL® Honeycomb Core as a sandwich between plywood, steel, plastic, FRP or many other materials, some of the strongest composite panels can be produced. Furthermore, the eco-friendly nature of HEXCELL® Honeycomb Core makes it ideal for countries that put emphasis on being "green".

    Applications of HEXCELL® Honeycomb Core:

    • Inner portion of most furniture (tables, chairs, doors, sofa, etc)
    • Partition for office, house, apartment, etc to provide a more solid feel and improved sound barrier.

  • HEXCELL® Honeycomb Textile Board/Spacer

    The HEXCELL® Honeycomb Textile Board/Spacer is specifically designed and produced for the textile industry that requires cloth roller to replace the traditional roller made from wood. By using the HEXCELL® Honeycomb Textile Board instead of the traditional wooden cloth roller, these advantages can be achieved:

    • Significantly lighter
    • Sturdy with even surfaces
    • No fumigation required
    • No edge marks
    • Not effected by humidity (fungal growth)