With the trend of going to "speciality" yarn, more variety of yarn and many different new winders installed, Here in Alkindo we produces high quality tubes for specific machine, as : Barmag, Murata, Teijin, Toray, RPR, etc.

Alkindo supply variety of tubes, that specialized for different size, technical materials, purposes and high quality tubes with guaranteed for high stability, refined/smooth surfaces for highly sensitive winding products.

With high quality printing of many pattern types and colour are our number one advantage for textile yarn and synthetic fibers industries. We have been awarded for our best partnership based on Quality, Price & Time Delivery from several multi-national companies for our papertubes supply.

  • POY & FDY Papertube

    Alkindo is the leading manufacturers of POY papertubes with a wide collection of durable papertubes that are custom specific and packaged to client requirement. Our papertubes are manufactured with high degree of dimensional stability as we ensure a process of controlled drying.

    Our POY Papertube is designed for optimum winder and press performance are able to assist in terms of reduce cost by producing products that have high levels of reuse.

    With the focus and experiences, we prepare FDY papertube to the needs of ULTRA HIGH SPEED with features :

    • Dimensional stability for automated winder.
    • Auto doffing efficiency over 99%.
    • Smooth surface and round edges for compete unwinding of yarn.
    • Special top layer papers and adhesive to prevent tube bursting at start up.
    • Excellent horizontal strength to sustain yarn tension and packaging weight.
    • Excellent vertical strength to eliminate damage during transportation and auto handling.
    • Modern technology for consistent location of notching at string up.

  • DTY Papertube

    More than 20 years of experience enables Alkindo to provide the highest quality of DTY Papertube for Drawn Textured Yarn. Alkindo’s experience and technological advances work together to fulfill requirement for Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY). Our DTY Papertube designed for needs for variety of denier with a flatness surface and High Strength to restrain of yarn tension.

    Alkindo’s DTY Papertube very compatible with various generation of DTY Machine that focuses to speed and quality.